Bettkantenschutz für Kinderbetten 70 cm - Ersatzbezug Schutz für Bettrahmen Kantenschutz Kinder Babybett Baumwolle Afrika – Totsy Baby

Bed edge protection for children's beds 70 cm - replacement cover protection for bed frame edge protection children's baby bed cotton Africa

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ONLY FROM TOTSY BABY Snuggly bed edge protection - so that your child sleeps safely. The soft protection on the cot or on the wall creates a sheltered atmosphere. Benefits: PREVENTS from injuries - useful for the child already sleeping in bed alone, prevent your child from bumping into hard bed frames. Finally no more headbutting! Velvet fabric (polyester) certified with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (20.HCN.16515) or (11.HCN.96881) for Minky - polyester PRACTICAL when the child turns over during sleep The flexible opening allows for easy and stable mounting of the protector on different types of barriers removable cover allows machine washing DECORATIVE - subtle colors and design fit into any nursery decor. Bed protectors are also used to increase the comfort of bed use, it can provide a comfortable backrest. product details. Cover: Minky fabric (polyester fiber) Filling: polyurethane foam. Machine washable at 30 degrees, do not iron, dimensions: length: 70 cm or 90 cm; width: 14 cm; height: 20 cm. Indentation width: about 2cm; Indentation height: 11 cm, universal for girls and boys. Important: dimensions can deviate by +/- 5%