Stillkissen klein Minky Modell 1: 130 x 45 cm - Stillhörnchen kleines Still Kissen Nursing Breastfeeding Pillow für unterwegs Afrika Khaki – Totsy Baby

Nursing Pillow Small Velvet 130 x 45 cm Model 1: 130 x 45 cm - Nursing Squirrel Small Nursing Pillow Nursing Breastfeeding Pillow for on the go Africa Khaki

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♥♥♥ ONLY FROM TOTSY BABY ♥♥♥ Small nursing pillow is a helpful companion in pregnancy and breastfeeding, ensures comfort of mother and baby. You can wrap it around your waist to provide relief to other parts of your body. Advantages: ✔ Breastfeeding aid for all breastfeeding positions ✔ USABLE when travelling: small, good for on the go. For breastfeeding, it is placed around the waist and you're done! ✔ BREATHABLE, high-quality materials regulate moisture and temperature ✔ is characterized by good adaptability ✔ does not deform after washing ✔ SOFT - cuddly, ideal for delicate baby skin. ✔ washable ♥♥♥ product details two-sided cover: cotton and velvet (polyester) filling: hypoallergenic silicone filling (polyester) nursing pillow dimensions: 130 cm length x 45 cm in circumference (+/- 5 cm) ♥♥♥ nursing pillow DOG dimensions: 120 cm length x 40 cm in circumference (+/- 5 cm) INTENDED USE: For breastfeeding & expectant mothers. CLEANING: machine washable at 30 degrees, delicate fabrics only at low speed of 600-800, do not tumble dry. SAFE, BECAUSE: handmade from certified materials in EUROPE. Discover the comfort of Totsy Baby ♥♥♥ ATTENTION! The color tone may vary slightly depending on the light in the photos (natural / artificial), the batch of material or the monitor settings. HAZARD NOTICE: If the filling escapes, it could be swallowed by your child. Therefore, constantly check your pillow for open seams or defects in the cover and ticking. There is a risk of suffocation. The nursing pillow serves as support during breastfeeding. Please do not use it as a sleeping pillow for your baby. Your baby could slide underneath it while sleeping, which could affect breathing. Your baby should therefore never lie unattended on the pillow for a long time.