Babynest Kokon Neugeborene 90 x 50 cm - Handmade Kuschelnest Baby Nestchen Baumwolle Igelchen  Blau – Totsy Baby

Babynest cocoon newborn 90 x 50 cm - handmade cuddly baby nest with Oeko-Tex cotton little hedgehog blue

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♥ONLY FROM TOTSY BABY♥ Babynest is a constant companion in many families. The perfect choice for anyone whose small children feel too lonely in the extra bed. Advantages: ✔ Fall protection - the sides prevent you from accidentally lying on the baby or the baby falling out. ✔ Protection from drafts and from the stimuli in their environment ✔ Security - cocoon simulates the closeness and warmth of the mother. Nestchen is cuddly and offers the restless little sleepers limitation, like in mommy's tummy. ✔ Suitable for family beds - you can take Cocoon to bed with you. ✔ Materials are air permeable. ✔ Snuggle nest grows with your baby child! Thanks to the sewn-in strings, it can be adjusted in length and width. Sleeping surface is 70cm long - you can loosen the strings and gain more space - up to 90cm. ✔ There are many possible uses - at home, when traveling and when visiting: ✔ As a safe place to sleep in the parents' bed, bassinet, child can be safely placed on the sofa or on any suitable surface. Product details Cover: cotton Filling: polyester Weight: approx. 1.1 kg. Wash up to 30 degrees, higher temperatures can lead to discoloration. Practical cotton strings to tighten or loosen the cocoon. Border thickness approx. 12 cm. External dimensions: 90x50cm; Sleeping area: 30x70cm. Usable on both sides unisex for girls and boys, +/- 5 cm deviations are possible. NOTE: Baby bumper is for newborns and premature babies up to 9 months. Safety Warning: Always use the bumper on a flat surface. Please always put the baby's head on the tip and the feet to the laced nest opening. Never leave the baby unattended in the baby nest. ATTENTION! The color tone may vary slightly depending on the light in the photos (natural / artificial), the batch of material or the monitor settings.